Lesson in Liberty: …and McLiberty for All

Don't Tread on MeIf you really believe that you can go into a foreign nation as an outsider and liberate them in any lasting or meaningful way, you really don’t have the first clue about what Liberty is all about. Only people living in a fast food culture and spoon-fed sound bite arguments would really believe that they could bring Liberty on a platter to another nation. "Here’s your order of McLiberty! Would you like hummus with that?"

Take Iraq, for example. Ever wonder how it was that one dude was able to get into the position of oppressing an entire nation? Ok, sure, he had some leadership capabilities and an ego the size of an aircraft carrier but so do lots of people and you don’t see them being dictators. The answer is simple: because the Iraqi people themselves are so clueless about Liberty that they allowed themselves to be oppressed. Yeah, so now with the dictator out of power, are you really so naive to believe that freedom will ring throughout Iraq? At the first opportunity, these people will descend right back into oppression and slavery because they have no culture of Liberty. There are no Iraqi Founding Fathers who wrote a fountainhead of Liberty wisdom to refer to. It’s not as though they were once a free people who will now fall back on their roots of freedom. The same conditions that allowed Saddam to become dictator still exist in Iraq today and will always exist: a conspicuous absence of a culture of freedom. In fact, the very concept of Liberty is not only alien to the Muslim culture, it is widely regarded as a heresy.

The Liberty of a nation is something that springs from within the individuals of that nation. You can’t impose it externally. If a people are unable to find Liberty within themselves, they will never adopt it as part of their national psyche. That so many Americans actually bought into that bilge about liberating Iraq reveals a pathetic misunderstanding of the real nature of Liberty. How can we engage in wars of "liberation" around the globe when we ourselves are living under an oppressive Big Brother right here at home? Take a step back and consider the invasion of government control and regulation into our lives that we simply accept. We are:

  • forced to report every detail of our personal finances,
  • forced to pay for schools that no longer educate but indoctrinate,
  • told how we can use our own land,
  • told who we must serve and what activities are allowed (e.g., smoking bans in restaurants) in our places of business,
  • told we are all equal under the law, but some (homosexuals, cross-dressers, racial and religious minorities, etc,) are more equal than others,
  • in many places, denied the Constitutionally-protected right to carry firearms,
  • prohibited from using certain drugs, recreational or medical, when such use poses no threat to anyone else,
  • regulated in myriad other ways–this list could go on, but you get the idea.

If you accept any of the above examples of Big Brother’s yoke, you have lost sight of the original function of government as envisioned by our Founding Fathers; you are one of the sheeple, the great unwashed herd wallowing in Big Brother’s pigpen.

Oh, I know what you’re saying, "Yeah, but we’re still the most free nation on earth!" That’s like a group of kids rolling around in the yard who all get dog poop on them and one of the kids says, "Yeah, but I got less poop on me than you guys!" That may be true, junior, but the fact remains that you still stink. Does it make sense to compare ourselves to all the other stinky kids? How ’bout we compare ourselves to the undefiled standard of Liberty so eloquently articulated for us by our illustrious Founding Fathers? Once we do that, we will wretch on the foul odor of tyranny in which we live and we will long for the pure air of Liberty.

Live Free or Die!


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