Mailbag: Installing a Water Supply Line for a Refrigerator

Carla Rapps wrote:

Do you have any information on installing a water line kit for a refrigerator? The shut off valve is already there, but the delivery people don’t install the line. The line attached to the frig doesn’t work with the valve we have and stated we would have to buy a kit. We did, but my husband tore the instructions and can’t figure out how to connect the line in the kit to both the frig and the valve. Any help?

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ice maker water line installation kit--click to orderYou bet I do! The place to start for information on this is right here. If you need the tubing kit, which comes complete with the saddle tap valve for connecting to your water supply, you can buy one here.

Easy job, take you about 30 minutes and then it’s Margaritaville!


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