Mailbag: Poor Cooling and Water Accumulating Inside a Refrigerator

Jose wrote:

I have a 1987 GE top-freezer refrigerator. Doesn’t cool sufficiently in summer (So. Cal.)and accumulates significant amounts of water at bottom floor of refrigerator under bins. Fixable for under $200 or is it finally time to buy a new frig?

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This sounds like a classic case of bad door gaskets. Feast your Vulcan squinties on both the freezer and beer cooler compartment door gaskets of your fridge. You’ll probably notice that one or both of ’em are all boogared up and skanky looking. If so, you’ll need to replace ’em. Let this illuminating tome on Zen and the Art of Refrigerator Door Gasket Replacement be your guiding light in this, your hour of appliance peril. Easy job IF you can grasp the finer points of finesse which I so eloquently explain. You can use your model number to look up and purchase your replacement door gaskets here.


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