One of the Samurai’s winter hiking budrows emailed a while back expressing his appreciation for some of my audio posts. Let ’em tickle your ears, too.

Dave wrote:

You make my hear ache! Here it is a balmy 65 degrees in PA and I make the mistake of clicking on to the new and improved website and see SNOW! You suck! Then I hear your message from Mars, I’ve got mail jingle and the Sit Back, Relax, and Enjoy Your Flight stuff and find myself thinking that I just gotta bust on up and down a few with the Samurai and do some hiking. But……then I come across this Cacapee Bird call….. Whew! I ain’t goin’ no where cause you mest up!

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Update: Dave is making the trek up here to God’s Country next week to bust some snow in the White Mountains with the Samurai. Film at Eleven.


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