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Goofy and humorous bits with little or no bearing on appliance repair. Thank God!

Happy New Year!

(Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu == Happy New Year)

Peace on Earth Kanji

from Samurai Appliance Repair Man and Mrs. Samurai.

Need a New Year’s resolution? Here’s one: Vote for Ron Paul, President, 2008! He’s the TRUE peace candidate: he has consistently and stridently opposed the war in Iraq, the war on drugs, and all the other loony “wars” that the feral gubmint (federal government) has declared and only ended up making problems worse. Let’s chain the beast in D.C.! Vote Ron Paul!

Domo to Vincent A. Ferri for the cool Kanji.

Yes! Some of You DO Grok this Site!

Mark wrote:

As Tommy Lee Jones would say, “Excellant work young man”
The site is great, the info is right on target. Been there, done that. Reminds me of a friend of mine that we never let use power tools or touch anything electrical. I am constantly telling him the same things so profoundly posted on your site. Keep it UP!

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Thank you, mah bruthah! I’ve always tried to make this site informative as well as entertaining and it’s always cool when I hear from kindred spirits, like yourself, who “get it.” Mucho domos and keep thinking your own thinks!

Appliance Service Call

Working Fall
Originally uploaded by Zenzoidman.

Driving to an appliance service call, I had to pull over for some, eh hem, essential kidney maintenance. It’s tough trying to repair an oven, refrigerator, dishwasher, or whatever, while your teeth are chattering from excessive abdominal pressure. In addition to providing that after-glow of relief, it was a nice view.

Man’s Testicles Locked In Padlock for Two Weeks

BRENTWOOD, N.H. — Emergency workers helped a New Hampshire man out of a difficult situation over the weekend after a friend apparently locked a padlock around his testicles.

According to the Portsmouth Herald, police reported that the 39-year-old man was intoxicated when they arrived at the scene on July 30 at about 3:40 a.m. The man, who was not identified, told them that he had the padlock around his testicles for two weeks.

The man said that a friend put the lock on while he was drunk and passed out. When he woke up, the friend was gone.

“Never in my 13 years have I seen anything like this,” Cpl. H.D. Wood told the Herald.

The man told police that he tried to remove the lock with a hacksaw because the key had broken off in the lock.

He was taken to Exeter Hospital, where a locksmith removed the padlock. He was treated and released, and the hospital said he had no lasting injury.

Police said that they did not know the motive for the incident.

Puts a new meaning on taking away a friend’s keys when he’s drunk.

Harisutosu hukkatsu! Jitsu ni hukkatsu!

Today is Easter (Pascha) for Orthodox Christians. Millions of Orthodox Christians all over the world are greeting each other with the traditional greeting, “Christ is risen!” And the traditional response, “Indeed He is risen!” In their own language, of course.

For example, in Japanese, the Samurai’s pseudo-native tongue, the greeting is, “Harisutosu hukkatsu!” And the reply, “Jitsu ni Hukkatsu!”

In another example, Orthodox Christians in Minnesota greet each other, “So, Christ is up dere den!” And the response, “Ya shure, ya betcha, He’s up dere den!”

Below is the traditional Paschal icon. Click it for a larger view.

After He died on the cross, Jesus descended into Hell and restored humanity’s fallen nature, represented here as freeing Adam and Eve. Hell was unable to withstand the Light of Christ and so was destroyed by the very presence of the Lord.

A Day in the Life of the Samurai

Although the Samurai does virtual service calls all over the world through his award-winning website,, and through the world-famous Samurai School of Appliantology, he also does service calls in real life!

Many grasshoppers have emailed wondering what a day in the life of the Samurai is like. Presented below is a never-before-seen series of actual photographs of the Samurai during a typical day of service calls. You can click each photo for a larger view.

I trust this will satisfy your venal voyeuristic impulses.

The phone rings at Samurai International Headquarters: another appliance in distress!

The Samurai arrives at the house in the Fixite Do service van and prepares to do battle with a broken appliance.

The customer balks at the Samurai’s bill and dishonors him. The Samurai prepares to deal harshly with the customer’s insolence. No callbacks on this job!

Back at Samurai International Headquarters, the Samurai awaits another service call.

Save the Salamanders!

I love amphibians of all flavors, like frogs and salamanders, because they eat evil blood suckers like mosquitoes and black flies. Katie Feldman, of Vermont, started a website, that explains their plight and what we can do to help our amphibious friends.

And in this related story…

Visitors to Hamburg parks are being warned to watch out for exploding toads. Several thousand toads in the city’s parks have so far mysteriously spontaneously exploded, sending entrails and toad body parts over a wide area. Vets and animal welfare workers said the mystery has decimated the city’s toad population as well as the unpleasant problem of leaving toad parts scattered around parks and open spaces. Eyewitnesses say the toads swell up to three and a half times their normal size before suddenly exploding — sending entrails flying metres into the air. … ‘It’s a real puzzle,’ agreed Janne Kloepper from the Hamburg Institute for Hygiene and the Environment, adding: ‘If this keeps up, there will be no toads left in Hamburg. [original story]