The Samurai Gets Airborne is now a time/weather sponsor on WNTK, 1020 AM and 99.7 FM, a major radio station based in New London, NH, that broadcasts to the Upper Valley Region of New Hampshire and Vermont. And through their webcast, WNTK is carrying the Samurai’s message of appliance repair hope to grasshoppers all over the globe.

WNTK is also the home of the stellar Morning Liftoff program with George Russell, Pete Merrigan, and Hilary Cogen. George, who sounds like the love child of Rod Stewart and Fran Drescher, is the charismatic host of the show and is deftly assisted by his crackerjack co-hosts, Pete and Hilary. Together, they are the G-Team. From 6am to 10am every weekday morning, they’re spinning tunes, slapping shtick, and flapping their gums about current events. If you’re tired of wiping your ears on the Anus in the Morning show, check out Morning Liftoff. It’s an enema for your ears…or something like that. Tune in and checkout what’s happening in the Samurai’s ‘hood.


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