Mailbag: Gas Dryer Fires Up But Goes Out After a Few Minutes

Ed wrote:

I have a Whirlpool gas dryer and my problem is this:
It starts and ignites but after running for a few minutes the flame goes out. Model #LHI7801NO.
What is wrong

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You have a case of what we professional appliantologists call Ventitis Restricticus. That’s the academic Latin name for the diagnosis of your dryer problem. Actually, it’s not a problem with the dryer at all–it’s a bad vent. Specifically, the airflow through the vent is restricted by any number of factors: overly long, kinks, crimps, clogs, too many 90º turns, and yada-yada and so-forth and like that-there. Don’t believe me? Ok, here’s a quick and easy way to prove it: completely disconnect the vent hose from the back of the dryer and fire up the dryer. After observing the dryer heat up normally and averting your eyes at my brilliance, refer to The Ultimate Dryer Venting Guide to surgically correct the Ventitis Restricticus. Hail, Caesar!


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