Linking for Fun and Profit!

You’ve probably heard of the mystical and infernal Google Page Rank. As you can see, I’ve been beating my head against the wall trying to make sense out of Google’s Page Rank. Some months, will have a Page Rank of 6/10; other months, it’s down to 4/10. I dunno–I only keep adding content to this website and almost all of it is about appliance repair (with some goofy stuff thrown in just to keep it interesting).

Google keeps its forumula for Page Rank a secret. But they do say that the Page Rank of a website is strongly influenced by other sites that link to it. So, if you like this website and you have a website of your own, then how ’bout we help each other out by trading links? That seems to be the most reliable way for both of us to boost our Page Ranks.

To trade links, just add your website link to my links page. The link to your website will show up instantly and automatically on my links page. Then, add a link to to your website. Sometime, when I get around to it, I’ll review your website to verify that our content is compatible and that my link is on your site. Welcome aboard, sailor!


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