Appliance Satori

Our mission here at The Samurai School of Appliantology is to prepare our students for that moment of appliance satori–a profound and simultaneous awareness of all appliances everywhere. It often strikes like a lightning bolt when a student least expects it, such as while working on an appliance that’s still plugged in. Conversely, the cherished moment of appliance satori can occur in the absence of any electricity, as revealed in this haiku from grasshopper Brad. His haiku is presented below for your appliance meditations. The Samurai recommends burning incense while slowly turning his haiku over in your mind with your eyes softly fixed on the accompanying icon. Hare Krishna.

Bradley Borch wrote:

refrigerator icon to accompany the appliance haikuDear Mr. Samurai Appliance Guy,

I thought you might appreciate this. It meant a lot to me.

the bamboo reveals all

Silence and stillness,
food rotting, decomposing…
a power outage.

Thanks for listening.



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