Marital Bliss

the samurai and mrs. samurai on their honeymoon at the seabrook nuclear power plant cooling pond--click for larger viewI often mention Mrs. Samurai in the pearls of wisdom I post here at The Samurai School of Appliantology. Many of you have emailed me wanting to know more about Mrs. Samurai. And several people have told me that they don’t believe there really is a Mrs. Samurai, that I’m just a sad and lonely psycho obsessed with fixing appliances and drinking beer. I’ll go along with that last part but I resent those first two adjectives–I’m neither sad nor lonely because, 15 years ago, Mrs. Samurai vowed to share her life with me. Still don’t believe there’s a Mrs. Samurai? Ok, my skeptical grasshoppers, here’s a picture of the Samurai and Mrs. Samurai on their honeymoon on the glistening shores of the cooling pond at the historic Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant.

Let that be a lesson to you: never again doubt the Samurai.


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