Mailbag: Replacing a Computer Clock Battery

leroy william skees wrote:

as a part of a deal an old “infinity 2000” computer main
box was thrown in. if the thing has a clock battery i can not quickly
see it. please help me here. looking inside through the open side
after lifting off the cover is the battery in the center some where,
north, south east west, get it? is it hidden under some small plastic
cover or is it not the usual type of clock battery?


qetmbogh lond

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Hope this helps!

P.S. – We’re an appliance repair website; we help people do their laundry, cooking, and stuff like that. As such, I don’t know much about the inner workings of computers, just that I use them to help people fix their broken appliances. Even still, I enjoyed answering your question as it somehow evoked my academic studies in political philosophy. Domo!


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