Appliantology Repair Forum Moved


By popular demand, the world-famous Appliantology repair forum will be closed down at its current location at ezBoard and moved to its new home. This change is effective immediately.

The spokeswoman for, Kujira Mifune, reports that loyal Appliantology Grasshoppers from all over the globe have flooded the Samurai International Headquarters in New London, New Hampshire, with emails, letters, faxes, and origami asking that the repair forum be moved back to its old home at MSN Groups. Samurai Appliance Repair Man called a meeting of the board of directors to consider the matter. The Board unanimously decided to move the repair forum back to MSN Groups as requested and to shut down the repair forum at ezBoard. Sanjuro Takimashe, CFO, noted that ezBoard charges a bandwidth-based fee to host the forum which costs hundreds of dollars annually whereas the extra storage fee for photo hosting at MSN Groups is only $30 per year.

Summary: The Appliantology repair forum has been moved to here.

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