How to Search The Appliantology Group

For over two years now, The Appliantology Group has been hosted at MSN Groups. Despite some minor limitations, it has proven to be a popular and salubrious format for the AG. The lack of a site search, however, is a glaring shortcoming. As posts have been added and answered at the repair forum, it has turned into a colossal database of appliance repair information with no way to search it…until now. I’ve found a way to search the group using Google. Here’s how to do it:

  • Go to Google’s homepage.
  • Enter in your search term followed by appliantology, all on the same line.
  • You’ll be presented with pages of your search results, all from within the AG.

Let’s take a ezzample. S’ppose I have a problem with my Whirlpool gas dryer. I might use a search term such as Whirlpool gas dryer no heat. To search the AG, I’d go to Google and enter the following search term: Whirlpool gas dryer no heat appliantology. That search gives 21 results, shown here.

Seek and ye shall find!


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