Election 2004: Tweedledumb vs. Tweedledumber

Tweedledumb or  Tweedledumber?I gotta say, when I hear someone screeching with religious fervor for either Bush or Kerry, I just shake my head at the poor, blind dupe: yet another sheeple led to the info-slaughter by Big Media working in cahoots with Big Gubmint to create the illusion of a real choice. From a Libertarian perspective, Bush and Kerry look like Tweedledumb and Tweedledumber. Choosing between Bush or Kerry is like choosing between Lucifer or Satan.

Remember: voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil. Voting for either Bush or Kerry is really a vote for the Boot On Your Neck Party.

Most Americans are libertarian to the core but they just don’t know it. Once most people learn about what Libertarians stand for, they immediately identify with us. Liberals are losers who believe the gubmint (i.e., you and me) owes them something for nothing. And conservatism is dead–it’s been taken over by a cabal of neo-cons chasing some utopian dream about waging democracy on the middle east.

So, why haven’t you heard more about the Libertarians? It’s not for lack of trying! Big Media spikes coverage of third party candidates. Yes, candidates–plural. Although Libertarians are the largest of the third party movements, there are other significant third parties. Who Are the Third Party Candidates?

The Demopublicans and Republicrats have colluded to exclude the third parties from the debates. The Libertarian Party of Arizona filed a lawsuit on the grounds that taxpayer money is being used to fund what is essentially a private debate that favored the R’s and D’s. Watch the REAL Presidential debate: Badnarik (Libertarian) vs. Cobb (Greens). (If you’d rather download the audio-only for your MP3 player, you can get it here.)

And I don’t buy into this crap that voting for a third party is “wasting a vote.” The only vote wasted is the one not based on principle. Send a message to the Beltway Bandits: vote Libertarian.

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