New Hampster’s Election Rat Race

I just learned that Michael Badnarik, the Libertarian Presidential candidate, will be on the ballot in 48 states. I was delighted that my party was going to have such a strong national presence in this upcoming election but was also curious about which two bonehead states excluded him from the ballot. Turns out they are Oklahoma and, to my eternal shame, my very own Live-Free-or-Die New Hampshire! I confirmed this depressing news at the New Hampshire Secretary of State website. You can read lots of good discussion on how this happened here.

Ralph Nader, however, did make the ballot in New Hampshire (but also not Oklahoma–what the hell is the problem with those nutty Okies?). Although I disagree with Nader on several key issues, he is absolutely a league above the Tweedledumb vs. Tweedledumber choice the we have with the R’s and D’s and he is a candidate with integrity. As Justin Raimondo observed, beneath his leftist garb, Nader has a glimmer of the Old Right in him.

So, cheated out of the option of voting for my ideal Libertarian Presidential candidate, I will settle for casting my vote for a man with whom I don’t agree 100%, but whom I trust and respect. Although it’s true that he doesn’t have a prayer of being elected, the idea is to send a message to the Beltway Bandits telling them that we’re wise to their one-party scam masquerading with two different names. Can you imagine the shockwaves that would ripple through those spineless thieves in DC when third party candidates rack up just 5% of the vote? Let’s make ’em crap their pants!

If you’re in New Hampshire, vote Nader for President. Outside New Hampshire (except Oklahoma), vote Badnarik. And if you live in Oklahoma, just stay home on November 2 and boycott the faux-election.


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