Mailbag: Dryer Blows Circuit Breaker on Heated-Dry Cycle Only

rho wrote:

beaumark dryer older Ge style runs for 2-3 minutes then blows circuit breaker fuses, runs fine on air fluff circuit any ideas?

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You didn’t say whether this is a gas or electric dryer; however, in my infinite wisdom and mercy, the Samurai divines that you have an electric dryer. Therefore, we shall proceed on this infallible divination. If I’m wrong, ask for a refund.

This might be a classic case of a grounded heating element. Oh, I know what you’re asking, “A do-what?” Say it with me one time: grounded heating element. This is where the electric heating element (which is really just a coil of steel that glows orange-hot when current runs through it) has split in two and one part is touching the dryer cabinet or the heating element housing. (A bobby pin or coin or some other conductive debris that got into the heating element area can create this same condition.) This makes a direct connection from one leg of the power supply to ground, i.e., a short. The circuit breaker is doing its job in cutting power to the dryer.

The other possibility is that the circuit breaker itself has gone bad and is no longer able to carry a load without tripping. If you do need to replace the breaker, make sure you use one with the the same current rating as the original. For example, don’t replace a 30-amp breaker with a 40-amp breaker.

Ok, happy fixing!

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  1. Anonymous

    My old Kenmore electric dryer has three heat settings–Air, Med, Hi. We always run it on medium, but lately it’s begun to cook our clothes. How do I get the heat down? Is this a thermostat or switch problem?

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