Mailbag: Oven Pilot Flame Goes Out

Greetings Samurai;

My oven and I have shared many wonderful memories over the years and I have
miraculously managed to repair the occassional problems that have come up. I
can’t part with her now..sniff! But I always keep in mind the wise old saying ” A
little knowledge is dangerous” (especially with a gas oven). The problematic
one is a Century Welbilt free standing gas range/oven. The oven has a spark
ignition pilot which does not work, but I have always just lit it with a match. No
problem. While cleaning the oven recently, I managed to crack the thermostat
sensor/ cappillary/thingy. It was replaced but now, after the oven gets up to
temperature, the pilot goes out (but not the gas). I tried taking off the oven
control knob and adjusting the pilot flame, but it’s as high as it can go. I wish
to glean a few crumbs of your infinite appliance wisdom Exaulted One!



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Focus your laser-like gaze upon the pilot flame. It should be predominately blue, like this. If not, and you see a mostly yellow flame, then you need to clean the pilot assembly. Warning: some disassembly required.

You’ll need to disassemble the pilot assembly and clean it out with isopropyl alcohol (you know, the rubbing kind) and blow it out with compressed air, 100 psi works well. But this is just my preferred technique that I’ve found works well and results in a nice blue flame when I’m all done. Remember to leak check all connections after working a gas system!


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