Mailbag: What Washing Machine Would the Samurai Buy?

Hi Samuri,

I have a question for you…

If you had to replace a washing machine, and wanted to spend under 1 Grand
(gotta save some for beer) what would you buy.

Oh yeah, I need a big tub, my wife has big comforters, but thats another story!

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If you really want a cheap-ass, water-pig, electricty-hog, top-loading washer, then buy a Whirlpool direct-drive washer. Get the cheapest one you can find, preferably with all mechanical controls (but they’re getting harder to find as the all the manufacturers are going to the crappy electronic controls which are guaranteed to fail early and often). Plan on fixing it every two to four years.

If you can save up a few more shekels, your money would be better-spent on a Staber washing machine. These are horizontal axis washers, meaning they work like a front loader and have all the advantages: much less water usage (12 gallons of water per washer vs. 56 gallons in a top-loader), use less electricity, much gentler on clothes so they last longer, and use less detergent (so you’re not wearing detergent on your clothes). As if that wasn’t enough, these washing machines are 100% made in the USA and use all mechanical controls–none of the electronic garbage so in vogue with all the other manufacturers.

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