Mailbag: Making Simple Repairs Complicated

Popeye wrote:

Mr. Samurai……….

I have a 5 year old Kenmore Washing machine with a direct drive. All is well until the start of the spin/rinse cycle. At that point, a distinctive regular clicking sound eminates from the bowels of the machine. Everything else functions normally. Water drains, rinse water is applied, water drains, tub spins. On the final high speed cycle, the clicking continues at a rythmic pace, the tub spins faster and towards the end of the cycle a distinctive smell of rubber can be detected.

I took the back off and there is no evidence of any leaking fluids, undo vibrations, or other abnormal visual signs of any problems.

So, Mr. Samurai, what’s is your diagnosis? Also, what is your favorite beer? We would like to contribute to the fund.

Popeye the Sailor Man


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Shiver me timbers, you went and turned a simple problem into a complicated one. Argh!

Your washer needed a stunningly simple repair which rated a single beer on the SUDS scale and that you could have done in 30-minutes. But, nooooo! Instead of spending a few minutes reading my enlightening disassembly instructions, you dove right in without knowing what you were doing, just like Popeye, and removed the back panel. Take a moment now and read this— go ahead, I’ll wait.

As you read there, you disassembled your washer completely wrong. In addition to being no closer to fixing the problem, you’ve created a whole new problem in getting that back panel re-attached correctly, with all the accouterments. Now’s the time when you smack your head with a hammer and yell, “DOH!”

So, what’s the real problem with your washer? Bad drive coupler– this page explains how to fix that the right way.

Instead of making simple repairs complicated, take the time to learn that which you do not know (but think you do) and you’ll save yourself a lot of time and aggravation.

For more information on your washer or to order parts, click here.


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