Kenmore Electric Dryer Works for 5 Minutes Then Shuts off; dryer repair

Bern Williams wrote:

I have a Kenmore electric dryer-110.60612990. It was humming for a period of time. Yesterday when I push the start button it hums, works for about 5 mins then shuts off. Today, I pressed the start button, there is noise. Is it just the motor or could it be a variety of problems. I had this dryer since in 2000.

desperate need for help.

Thanks Bern

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Here’s whatcha do, compadre. Open the dryer door and try to turn the drum by hand. If it won’t turn or you have to be Hercules to get it to budge, then you have something stuck in the blower chute– clean it out.

motor for a whirlpool or kenmore dryerOn the other hand, if the drums seems to turn ok, then you got yerself a bad motor. Slam dunk. Come git you one.

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  1. Mandelbrot's Chaos

    Samurai, or whatever you prefer to call yourself online, you forgot one other simple solution, the goober test that I, not being a tech, didn’t think of: Check the inside body of the dryer for lint. My dryer would run for about 5 minutes then cut off, and after cooling down, would start back up again. So, I took the drum off to inspect the motor, and I found that there was enough lint in there to knit a sweater, or at least a few socks. Had it not been for the high-limit thermostat stopping the dryer, a fire could have started without much trouble. I should have thought about that when I had to replace the thermal fuse, but I’m an officeworker, not a tech. lol

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