Kenmore Washer Won’t Spin; washer repair

george gerrts wrote:

hi, have a kenmore washer model 110.20872990……unit agitates but won,t spin……..does it need a new pump and if so, which does it have?….thanks………george

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lid switch for your washer.  click it to git it, hoss.A no-spin condition on this washer, the top-loading direct drive washer built by Whirlpool (with a Kenmore name stuck on it, in your case) is almost always a sure sign of a bad lid switch. As far as repairs go, they don’t get much easier than this one– it rates a mere single mug on the SUDs-o-meter. Got illustrated instructions fer ya ratcheer.


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  1. The Greek

    Dude YOU RULE ! Your site has gotten me outta quite a few jams, in just the past year alone !! But this problem wasn’t listed …..My kenmore 80 series model 110.82980110 washer is agitating only on the LOWER section of the agitator the top section that is supposed to pull the clothes under just sits there like a bump awn a Lawg

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