The Samurai Makes Housecalls!

Broken appliance? Tired of dealing with know-nothing, parts-changing monkeys? Wouldn’t it be great to find expert service you can trust?

If you have the supreme good fortune of living in New London, NH, or in one of the adjacent towns, then, yea verily, the pot-bellied, buck-toothed, cross-eyed Buddha hath grinned down upon you because the Samurai makes housecalls!

(603) 526-7129

  • Professional services are rendered flat rate. My fee is a flat $125 for most repairs. The fee is higher for some installations or appliances but, if this is the case, I would quote this up-front. In addition to my professional service fee, I also charge $25 per trip, including the first trip. And, of course, there’s the charge for any parts that are used, which you can look up ratcheer.
  • If, in my expert, professional opinion, the repair is not worth doing or if the needed parts are no longer available, then you would only pay the trip charge.
  • I can usually schedule a two-hour window for my arrival at your house so you’re not waiting around all day.
  • All repairs are fully guaranteed for 90 days, parts and labor.
  • For your convenience, we accept checks, cash, gold, silver, platinum, palladium and winning lottery tickets for payment.

Call (603) 526-7129 anytime for service.

Speed. Skill. Honor.


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