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Venting a Dryer Into a Crawlspace Under a House

Angi wrote:

Hi, Thanks for you timely response.
I you have a well vented crawl space under your house, why can’t you vent your dryer underneath your house.

Oh, but you can! If you don’t mind mold, mildew, rotted floor joists, caved in floors, and chronic illnesses from all the gookus in dryer exhaust. Also, the US EPA has identified the fragrances in fabric softeners as particularly potent source of allergens for many people.

I dunno, dryer manufacturers come up with these silly venting requirements because they have this crazy notion that most people don’t like this stuff. Go figure!

Samurai at the Appliance Service Training Institute (ASTI) Conference This Week

The Samurai is down in Orlando, FL, this week at the Disney Coronado Resort getting some inside scoop on the latest appliance models. It’s the Appliance Service Training Institute’s (ASTI) annual conference and training pow-wow. If you’re morbidly curious about the kind of stuff we Master Appliantologists talk about when we get together, check in periodically with the Samurai’s Posterous Site where I’m posting audio reports and photos live from the conference!

Getting Inside a Maytag Atlantis or Performa Washer

Sooner or later, you’re gonna need to get into the guts of your Maytag Atlantis or Performa washer to do stuff like replace the pump, adjust the motor tension, and replace the transmission, among the more common repairs on these beasts. One question that comes up frequently in the Samurai Appliance Repair Forums is, “How do I get inside this thing.” Piece of pie, tovarish! Behold:

First, pop the top:

1. Unplug the washer.
2. Using a stiff putty knife, press the locking clip in the seam between the “hood” and front panel, as shown below. There’s a clip on each side. Raise the top panel up and out of the way. You may want to tape the the lid to the top panel so it doesn’t slam into the wall, thus evoking explicit language.

Popping the Top on a Maytag Atlantis or Performa Washer

Now you’ll see two screws, one on each side. Remove ’em and pull the top of the front panel out toward you. Then just lift the panel off the bottom hinges and there you be.

Removing the Front Panel on a Maytag Atlantis or Performa Washer

Ain’t nuttin’ to it. Now whup up on that bad boy!


To learn more about your washing machine, or to order parts, click here.

Used Appliance Parts Exchange in the Appliance Parts Junkyard

Howard wrote:

Dear Learned and Enlightened ONE,

I am in-process of replacing a 12 yr Maytag Neptune Washing M/C P/N MAH3000AWW due to a bad Main Control board (too $$ to fix even considering purchasing from repairclinic). Is there any value donating the known still functioning parts ie Inlet Valve Ass’y, Motor & Control board? I would ask money to reimburse S&H costs though.
Is there a forum to do so or not worth the effort?

Thank You for your opinion and entertaining dialogues.


We have just the place you’re looking for! It’s the Appliance Parts Junkyard at the Samurai Appliance Repair Forums. Just register in the forum (it’s free) and then post your goodies for all the world to see in the Appliance Parts Junkyard. It’s all totally free and it doesn’t cost anything, either. Hey, did I just repeat myself repeat myself?

If you’re looking for NEW appliance parts, come hither. Appliance Repair Radio, Episode 18: We’re Baaack! Appliance Repair Radio podcast, episode 18-- Listen now!Many of you have emailed the Samurai axing, “Samurai, O Samurai, when will you and Mrs. Samurai make another edition of your award-winning podcast?” You chirped and we listened. After an extended hiatus, we’re baaack!

Some of the topics covered in this issue:

  • Appliance brands: how to choose ‘em?
  • New, extended version of the much-loved Home Wiring DVD.
  • DIY Appliance repair resources at
  • Appliance Service Training Institute conference coming up next week.

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The Golden Buttcrack Award

The coveted Golden Buttcrack Award was started by disciples of Saint Applianopoulous, the patron saint of appliance techs. The Award’s name was chosen to honor the destinktive warrior’s stance that St. Applianopoulous would strike as he battled insolent appliances:


St. Applianopoulous in his unique warrior's stance battling an insolent appliance.


The Golden Buttcrack Award is conferred upon those Appliantology Masters who have distinguished themselves by giving exceptional appliance repair help to the heaving swarms of grasshoppers chirping for Appliantological wisdom in the Samurai Appliance Repair Forums. Less than 10 Grand Masters of Appliantology have earned this coveted distinktion. The Golden Buttcrack Masters are:

  • RegUS_Patoff
  • kdog
  • NSCU_laundry_tech
  • Trying to help
  • Pegi
  • Denrayr
  • Willie (aka, Budget Appliance Repair)

You can bask in the glory of the Golden Buttcrack gallery ratcheer.