2 thoughts on “Asko 1375 dishwasher – no 2nd fill

  1. OldMaytagFan

    [quote]The solution can be stunningly simpleā€¦[/quote]

    Yeah. Cruise the want ads until you find an old Maytag or Kenmore or something else. In a pinch, the $200 GE at Home Depot will last longer (parts are available!).

    I have a lot of experience repairing European stuff – major appliances, cars, antique radios. My observation: if it’s European, there will be about six times as many parts as are actually required to do the job. Sure, the shift linkage in your Passat may be really smooth, but at the expense of reliability?

    My first experience with Askos – a 1402 dishwasher. Release solenoid for the detergent cup failed, burned right out. The linkage had about 16 little parts but amazingly none were the culprit. The solenoid was held powered and pulled to neutral by the timer – and the wire to the timer had been abraded by the edge of the stainless tub and shorted to ground, so the solenoid had been powered the entire time the door was closed, and was scorched right out. (Of course, we’ve got a Rube Goldberg linkage but no protection of the door-to-tub wiring.) I repaired the wire then turned the solenoid on my lathe to strip off all the copper and rewound it. And there were about 400 cabinet screws and little panels which had to be put back together when the job was done.

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