Removing/Replacing the Shock Absorbers in Kenmore Elite HE3/4 and Whirlpool Duet Washers

The shocks are removed by lifting the plastic locking tabs, grabbing hold of the upper portion of the shock and twisting CCW very hard 1/4 turn. Slide the shocks back together and reinstall the opposite way.

Sometimes, the shock can be tighter than a flea’s azz to turn and remove. In these cases, I’ll use a pair of channel locks to remove them. Here’s a fine point of technique: set the jaw space on the pliers to the same width as the shock. Grab the shock near the top where it meets the outer tub. Don’t squeeze the shock with the channel lock pliers because you’ll deform it and then you’ll be one pissed off cracker ‘cuz you’ll have to buy a whole new shock. Just hold the shock tight enough so that you can use the pliers as a handle to turn it.

In case you do screw up the shocks or if they’re already broken, you can buy replacement shocks here. For even more information, get the repair manual.


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