Unlocking the Control Lock on Certain Electrolux Washers and Dryers

MODELS affected:


BLTF2940ES, BTF2140ES, FTF2140ES, FWFB9200ES, GLTF2940ES, LTF2140ES and LTF2940ES


BCEQ2152ES, BEQ1442ES, FE/GQ1442ES. FEQ1442CES, FEQ2152ES, GCE/GQ2152ES, GLE/GQ2152ES, GLE/GQ1442ES and GLE/GQ2152ES.

You know this problem: you turn the selector knob or press any button and get an obnoxious flashy beepy thing in the display. Some models will even taunt you with an “Err” in the display.

I know many of you have been ripping your hair out over this one– I’ve been getting lots of disgusting photos of clumps of hair attached to bloody chunks of scalp. So, I figgered I better post the solution to this little annoyance. This is super easy: The problem is that somehow the control lock has been enabled. “LOC” is displayed on digital displays and the control lock status light is lit. To unlock the control, press the “Options” and “Select” buttons simultaneously. The control lock status light will no longer be lit and you can let your hair grow back!


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