GE Profile Refrigerator (Includes the Arctica and Eterna Models) Freezing Food in the Beer Compartment

Models Affected:

All 23/25/27 and 29 cubic foot electronic side-by-side refrigerator units with plastic liners manufactured in 2001 or later. This includes all Profile (Arctica and Eterna… dontcha just love the vacuous names? I guess the marketing boobs rejected Mediocra and Pathetica) models.

Consumer Issues:

Freezing in the vegetable (middle) pan or the CustomCool (bottom) pan, frozen water tank or frozen water filter.

Freezing in the pans has caused the following customer rectal cramps:

  • Beer freezes in middle pan.
  • Beer freezes in bottom pan.

A frozen water tank caused the following customer headaches:

  • Will not dispense water.
  • Water dispenses at a slow rate.
  • Water dispenses intermittently.

A frozen water filter has caused the following customer annoyances:

  • Will not dispense water.
  • Water dispenses v e r y s l o w l y.
  • Water dispenses intermittently or when it damn well feels like it.
  • No ice.
  • Retarded ice production rate.
  • Filter freezing and cracking.

What the Hell is Causing this Freezing Problem?

You mean besides the fact that it’s GE crap? Ok, well, freezing in the pans, a frozen water tank or a frozen water filter are all caused by excessive airflow from the vents in the tower.

Recommended Repair:

To eliminate these freezing issues, buy and install the veg pan temperature reduction kit. Follow the instructions included with the kit.

Note: Replacing the motherboard will do nothing to correct the freezing problems in these areas of the refrigerator.


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