Still Blogging After Six Agonizing Years!

Just realized that this month marks my six year anniversary of blogging about (mostly) appliance repair topics. How do I do it? More importantly, WHY do I do it? I still wonder that as I swill cheap beer and pick black flies out of my nostrils. I mean, sure, making two-bits a day and all the water I can drink is certainly more than generous compensation for what I do here but, after six years, there has to be more motivating me than just material compensation. I think it comes down to sheer boredom. I mean, what the hell else would I do? Ok, I could go back to my old job of licking urinals at the Texaco but, somehow, that job left a bad taste in my mouth. So, guess I’ll just settle in for another six years. Well al-l-l-lrighty then.


2 thoughts on “Still Blogging After Six Agonizing Years!

  1. Zelig

    Well I for one am glad I found you a couple months ago. Three lifetimes ago I was a Whirlpool Factory Service tech, and I still think reading about the world of appliance repair is interesting… kind of a sentimental curiosity, I guess.

    If only we’d had the internet back then. And who knows, someday I might dust off my Milwaukee cordless screwdriver and join the ranks again. And if I do, I’ll be applying for a refresher course in Appliantology right here.

  2. Samurai Appliance Repair Man Post author

    Hey, Zelig, thanks for surfing in. Oh, man, the Internet has radically opened up information availability on appliances. As you probably recall, information is the name of the game in appliance repair. Schematics, error codes, service updates on the latest “trick” repair… these things were all closely guarded secrets just six years ago.

    Then, sites like mine and others started making all this stuff freely available. So the manufacturers figured the train was leaving without ’em and that they better start making tech info more available or they’d look really venal and petty.

    Now, we have sites like Whirlpool’s excellent and several of the other manufacturers have made their tech info available on the web. And why shouldn’t it be? I mean, who’s interest is being served if a customer has a broken appliance with lots of electronic crap on it that’s screwed up but no one can fix it because the damn manufacturer is being anal-retentive with the tech info? There’s only one major manufacturer still playing the information constipation game today; can you guess who? That’s right: GE.

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