Using Drāno to Unclog a Dishwasher?

this one don't click, Slick.I know, you would think this is an obvious Bozo No-No. Not only will caustic chemicals, like Drāno, inflict more injury on your dishwasher, it does nothing to fix the problem. But, incredibly, there are mental midgets out there who do this and then don’t bother telling the appliance servicer that their dishwasher basin is full of Drāno when he has his hands immersed in the caustic slurry. And these people can vote and have a say in electing other morons, like themselves, to office! Forget about terrorism or nuclear missiles– our real menace is 100% made-in-Ameedica, homegrown boneheads.

Dr. Fridge recently posted about this in the kitchen forum. Here is his Public Service Announcement on this topic:

I have a PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT for it has happened to me TWICE now.

Customer has a Fisher & Paykel Dishdrawer that wasnt draining. (First time it was a GE dishwasher… another customer)

First thing I do is see if there is blockage in the unit… I open the drawer, remove the filter plate, filter cup, rack and wash arm (remind you that there is water still in the bottom) and I am diggin my hand in there to see if there is blockage.

Just then the customer feels it is a good time to tell me that she poured a bunch of DRANO in the dishwasher!!!!!

I have had my hand in that garbage for a few minutes and THEN she tells me????

At least the first time the customer warned me BEFORE I had my hand in it. Luckily nothing happened to me… But customers PLEASE do NOT put drain cleaner in your dishwasher… It is NOT gonna fix the problem.


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