GE Refrigerator Class Action Lawsuit Update

Here’s an update on this on-going lawsuit from our friends at

Most people across the country are unaware of the National Class Action lawsuit and Settlement Argreement pertaining to 304 models of GE defective refrigerators. Consumers are for the most part totally unaware that their GE refrigerator is included in a lawsuit. The Settlement Agreement provides for refunds for previously paid repairs, refunds to those who replaced their refrigerator at their own expense, free replacement refrigerators to those who have had three moisture related repairs and continue to have problems, and free extended warranties. GE is doing everything they can to hide this information from the public and slip this lawsuit and Settlement Agreement quietly through the court. We were able to get the deadlines for registering extended to Sept. 4, 2006. Once final approval happens in court, anyone who did not get registered in time will be forever barred from any claim against GE for losses or damages. Please do what you can to help us spread the word!

Our website has been updated with the latest information. We do have an entire new website (much better) that will be uploaded within a day or two.

We know that there are more than 304 models affected, we know that the defects are not limited to just the Bloomingtion, Indiana factory, and we know that the defects continued into 2003 models. Defective doors appear on 2004 and 2005 models. Anyone who has a model not included in the current class action – we want to hear from. We have accumulated substantial evidence of additional models that should have been included in this lawsuit. Please help to spread the word, only 7 weeks remain for hundreds of thousands of people to get their claim forms submitted in time.

We did not initiate this class action; we more or less have been “bird dogging” it so to speak as a Boston Globe reporter put it. If you check out our site, you will get picture.

Cathy Cannivet

GE has posted a webpage on this class action lawsuit as well.

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