Whirlpool Duet Washer F02 or SUD Problems

Here’s a common way that this fault will appear:

I can wash a load of clothes and it gets down to the last few minutes (ranging from 11 to 3 minutes) and it goes to the F02 error or SUD. I can let the washer sit for a few hours and then run it on the rinse/spin or drain/spin cylce and it will finish.

First thing to do here is take out the filter and clean out the grunge and gookus. If you find lots of stuff in there like pencils, nails, coins, etc., then it’s possible that these things have damaged the pump impeller. You can tell this visually by peering intently into the suction port of the pump with a flashlight. If any of the impeller vanes are broken off or if the impeller is jammed, then you need a new pump. Come git you one.

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