Appliance Brand Recommendations


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name = John

comments = Again want to thank you for your service. You have provided valuable help twice before oh wise one. I ‘am e-mailing instead of calling the hope that it is more convenient. I am a gen. cont. & helping my customer select appliances. Your last recommendation, that included Dacor gas cooktop, proved quite on the spot. Now its a refer, dishwasher.& stacked micro/oven unit. This humble student seeks your wisdom once again, Thank You again.

Hi, John, nice to hear from you. And since you’re a Live Help subscriber, you’re always welcome to call me– it’s not an intrusion.

As for for your questions…

Refrigerators: Whirlpool makes more than anyone else and has the most opportunity to get it right or to screw up. For the most part, they get it right.  Kitchenaid is their upline, some nice choices there. Amana is not a bad second choice. Avoid like the plague: Sub-(standard)-Zero, GE, and Frikkidaire.

Dishwashers There’s one and only one dishwasher I would recommend today: Miele. Anything else, including the Bosch, will be a troublesome machine. Overwhelmingly, the most common problems I see with the Miele are customer-induced. Get ready to shell out $2,000 but, hey, you get what you pay for… in this particular case.

As for the stacked micro/oven unit– OY! Do you really want to go this route? These are nightmares to work on. I honestly don’t know of any brand that’s better than the others. The usual ground rule applies:  avoid GE.