Samurai Appliance Repair Forum Server Migration

We made it! Last night, I moved the entire repair forum, whole and intact, over to a Virtual Private Server (VPS). This should give us more resources and greater reliability resulting in a faster server and more uptime. Things could be a bit bumpy for the next day or so as the domain name for the forum,, propagates throughout all the name servers on the Internet and finally resolves to the IP address of the new server. Enjoy the ride! 8)

Until the domain resolves to our new server, you can reach the forum by going to This domain is already pointing to the VPS so go on in and start browsing and posting.

The other problem some of you may have is that you won’t be able to log in and you may even keep getting a message saying that you need to allow cookies in your browser even though you know that cookies are already enabled. If you run into this, you can easily fix it by simply clearing all cookies in your browser (a good idea to do it periodically, anyway, because cookie files can get REALLY big). More details about this and other fixes for both Firefox and IE browsers in this topic.

Meanwhile, savor the over 3,000 pages of appliance wisdom ratcheer at our main website, :mrgreen:


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