Water Dispenser in a Maytag Refrigerator Floods the Kitchen

This actually happened on a Maytag model MSD2754FRW but can happen to any of the Maytag MSD side-by-side refrigerators with the in-door water dispenser (also called a “fountain”). The dispenser can turn itself on when you’re nowhere around and just keep spitting out water until the inlet valve burns itself out resulting in an expensive and nasty flood. Sublime Master Trying to Help reveals the solution in this repair forum topic.

This is a good time to review the 5th Law of the Prophecy, “Electronics and wet appliances do not mix.” The only way the manufacturers will comply is if you, as consumers, start demanding it and STOP buying their crap with needless and unreliable electronic controls. You, and you alone are responsible for which appliances you buy. You have been warned. Caveat Emptor. ❗


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