Broken Information Appliance

Just want to access the forum … link keeps trying to open Netscape, I use IE, so can’t seem to get kernected … Jeff

The above message was sent when you were offline, via your Timpani site.

Message sent from IP:

Ahh, Grasshoppah, the problem you describe pertains to the default browser settings in your PC. Neither the repair forum nor the activation link sent by the forum have any effect whatsoever on how your browser handles links.

I have written the following haiku, in traditional 5-7-5 meter, just for you in this, your hour of appliance peril; let it lead you to the enlightenment you seek. To use the haiku effectively, read it aloud, slowly, under soft lighting while burning incense. Continue doing this until Satori hits you like a bolt of lightening in the night and deep inner wisdom is revealed.

Windoze won’t behave,
links are screwy, all mixed up.
One word: Macintosh.

After experiencing the profound enlightenment embodied in the haiku, come post your appliance problem in the repair forum. Or, if you wish to experience other haikus about appliance repair, come and enter the dragon.


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