How to Replace the Brushes in a Frigidaire Front Loading Washer Motor

Brush failure in these motors is the most common cause for motor failiure. A new motor costs about $200; new pair of brushes about $60. The real kick in the shorts is that Frigidaire does NOT sell the brushes separately! BTW, this also applies to Kenmore washers built by Frigidaire. (If you believe there is an actual Kenmore factory somewhere cranking out Kenmore appliances, you need to read this now.)

Unbunch thy panties, Grasshoppah, for the Samurai is here to save you wads of hot, wet, stinky cash! And here’s some more good news: replacing motor brushes is a snap, less than two mugs on the world-famous SUDS-o-meter!

The brushes are located on the back of the motor (that is, the opposite end from the motor shaft). Looky here (click the picture for illustrative annotations):

Frigidaire Washer Motor Brushes

Just remove the obvious phillips screws and install the new brushes.

“But, mighty and myopic Samurai, how can I get the replacement brushes if Friggidaire is attempting to screw me over by not selling them because they want me to by a whole new motor for a lot more money?”

Good question, Grasshopper, it warms my heartburn to see you thinking so hard. Careful though– you might get a hernia in your brain. Obviously, I have the solution or I wouldn’t be writing this silly post. Use these Asko brushes:

Asko Washer Motor Brushes

Yes, I said Asko. Turns out these Asko motor brushes work great in Frigidaire washer motors, too.

Motor brushes are sold individually and you should always replace ’em in pairs, so buy two. Conveniently, you can buy the new brushes ratcheer.

To learn more about your washing machine, or to order parts, click here.


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