How Much Money Will You Save by Doing Your Own Appliance Repairs?


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NO, I’m not gay. Ijust wanted to know about how much am I saving, by replacing the spark switch/es myself ? I’m trying to figure out if it’s worth a couple of hours of my fun time. Thanx great web-site, can you put up another one on auto mechanics please?

It’s hard to say how much money you’ll save doing your own repairs because labor charges vary by locale and company, although my edumucated guesstimate is that they would run between $100 and $200. But it’s not really about money now is it, my leetle grasshopper? Nay, it’s much, much bigger than that. Isn’t it really about convenience, pride of workmanship, and big brass kohonas? Or how ’bout independence, self-reliance, and just a touch of cheekiness?

I think the real question you meant to ax was, “How hard will it be to fix?” Hard to say exactly without knowing the model and brand of your range but, in general, replacing burner switches inside the control console of a gas range runs about three mugs on the world-famous SUDS-o-meter. The hardest part of this job is getting to the switches. We can help you with this in the Samurai Appliance Repair Forum by posting diagrams and pointers.

Of course, the foregoing assumes that you’ve properly diagnosed the problem and have determined that the switches are bad in accordance with the Ichiban Law of the Prophecy. And you may wish to review this parchment from the sacred scrolls of Appliantology.


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