Kenmore Dryer Stopped Working

My Kenmore Dryer stopped working. It gets power because the cycle dial turns when plugged in. I keep reading about tripped circuit breakers on dryers in the forum but have no idea where they are located. Please help. Thank you

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Sounds like your dryer has a case of what we professionals call thermal fusitis. That is, the failure of the autonomic nervous system to respond to normal nerve impulses thus preventing the bowels from releasing… oh, wait, sorry, that’s constipation. Thermal fusitis is a malfunction characterized by a thermal fuse which has become electrically open thus disrupting the motor power circuit. This page will help you locate the thermal fuse and this page will help you test it. You can buy the replacement part here. If you’re still tho berry, berry confoosed, come talk to us in the Samurai Appliance Repair Forum.


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