Washer Fills and then Makes a Humming Noise

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My direct drive Whirlpool washer filled up and started making a humming noise. What should I look at first? (I’m a girl, please give me directions with that in mind 🙂


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Like, OMG, I would SO be looking for something caught in the pump, fer sher, you know? The pump on this washer is directly connected to the motor; so if the pump is jammed, the motor is jammed, too. Fortunately, this is one of the easiest washers to work on. The entire washer cabinet comes off, giving you easy access to all the guts; it’ll look like this…

Whirlpool Direct Drive Washing Machine with the Cabinet Removed

… and you’ll see the pump right down in front, as shown above. Pry off the two clips on the pump, pull it off the motor, and tie it back.

Now bypass the tan and gray wires on the three-wire lid switch harness using a length of insulated 12 gauge wire as a jumper wire. If the motor runs after the tub fills, then you know you need a new pump. Come git you one!


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