How to Clean Out the Blower Chute in a Whirlpool-built Dryer

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We have an old kenmore gas dryer (model # 110-77884100). The lint trap screen is about 2 feet long by 6-8 inches wide. As I was putting it back into the slot after cleaning the screen off, I pushed some plastic part (about 2 inches long) off of my child’s car seat into the lint trap. I turned on the dryer thinking it was a enclosed box (the lint trap) but it didn’t sound like that after turning it on. I know, most important thing to remember is to not keep stuff on top of the dryer. Now I’ve learned the hard way! My question is how to get to that long lint trap without having to take apart the whole dryer (if possible). Please send me some good news soon as I have two loads of wet clothes sitting in a damp basement and I have no where to hang them!!! Thanks.
Sincerely, Carol

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Blower Wheel Access on a Whirlpool-built DryerPiece of pie, tovarish! Just remove the back panel (a dozen or so ¼” hex screws around the perimeter, they’re obvious) to expose the blower wheel chute. Then, remove the chute retaining screws and, WALLAH! there you be. Remove the offending debris and you’re back in bidness. Click the thumbnail pic shown here for a closeup shot of this appliantology technique. If you need parts for your dryer, come git you some!

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