Kenmore Washer Vibrates Like Crazy During Spin

From: Carlos G
Subject: Question for the Samurai

Your Precious Words: I have a Kenmore Model 80, opened it up to do some cleaning now it vibrates like crazy during the spin cycle. The springs are attached on the bottom. When I move the tub around with my hand it feels unstable, very springy. I heard something about snubber pads…

Any ideas?? Thanks

This washing machine is the venerable direct drive washer made by Whirlpool Corporation. It was one of the best top-loading washers ever made in terms of reliability and serviceability. One of the features of this washer, which was revolutionary when it first came out 25 or so years ago, is self-levelling rear foot pads. Appliance techs loved this feature because it eliminated the drudgery of having to manually adjust the rear foot pads.

Whenever the washer is moved, as it would have been when you cleaned it, the foot pads need to be reset to ensure that each one is bearing about 25% of the machine’s weight. Otherwise, the washer won’t be stable when it goes into spin.

How can you tell the washer’s weight is evenly distributed among the four foot pads? Piece of pie, tovarish! We do this using a patented technique called “Rocking the diagonals.” Looking down at the top of the machine, place your hands on two opposite corners and try to rock the machine. Do this for both diagonal corners. If you get any movement, even the slightest, itsy-bitsiest movement, the washer will gyrate like a drunk at a disco during the spin cycle. Since this is a patented technique, please remember to remit your royalty payment if you use it. Domo!

OK, enough nostalgia and theory– let’s do the three-step fix for this bad boy:

1. Standing in front of the washer, grasp the back of the washer just below the control panel (DO NOT grab the control panel!)

2. Pivot the machine toward you just enough to raise the rear foot pads off the floor. You’ll hear a KER-CHUNK. That’s the sound you want to hear because it means the automatic levelers in the foot pads have done their thang.

3. Now gently lower the machine back down.

Problem solved! Now go crack a cold one and grab me one while you’re at it.


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