Maytag Neptune MAH3000 Wax Motor Update

As a faithful reader of these hallowed pages, you know that the door switch assembly and the machine control board has been the Achilles Heel on this otherwise superbly mediocre washing machine. In most of these failures, the root culprit have been the wax motor in the door switch assembly. The wax motor had a nasty habit of shorting out, which fried resistor R11 on the machine control board. The required repair was to replace both the wax motor and the machine control board for a total slam of about $250 in parts alone! Can you see now why Maytag had to sell out to Whirlpool? And the games continue…

The old wax motors had a brown plunger. If yours has this, then you should upgrade to the new wax motor which has a black plunger, shown below:

wax motor in a Maytag Neptune washer door switch assembly-- click it to git it, Hoss

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2 thoughts on “Maytag Neptune MAH3000 Wax Motor Update

  1. emiller

    I have a neptune that will not spin on the regular cycle seems to spin fine on the delicate cycle.
    i installed the new motor/control board upgrade a few years back as well as several wax motors over the years.

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