Replacing the Door Latch Assembly in a Kenmore / Frigidaire Front Loading Washing Machine

paul cowan wrote:

I have a Sears 417.42142100 front loading washer. I have the tech sheet and I have followed it. I am pretty sure that I have a problem with the door switch.
How do i replace it? Getting the back off and performing electrical checks is easy, How do I get the front off to get at the door switch?

Ahh, Grasshoppah, this is one of those repairs where less is more. If you were to actually remove the front panel, you would find yourself wallowing in the Pit of Perpetual Despair (POPD) and lamenting the resulting mess that you had created.

Come with me now on a Journey of Grand Illumination (JOGI) and observe the Technique of the Master (TOTM)…

You mentioned that you have already procured the Door Switch Assembly (DSA) for your model. For others reading this post, you should use your model number and look up the door switch assembly for your specific model since there are a couple different versions out based on model number.

Mounting Holes for the Door Latch Assembly (superceded) in a Frigidaire / Kenmore Front Loading WasherWisdom! Let us attend! Here, now, I present the TOTM that you’ve all been longing and panting for. Wallah! Uhhh… you know you can click the little pic to enlarge it and read the illuminating commentary, don’t you? Oy! Anyway, once you remove the Top Panel (TP) and peel back the Door Boot (DB), it’s all plug n’ chug. Reattach the DB to the front panel with a couple strategically-placed dabs of rubber cement.

Speed Control Board, Shown with the Revised Door Latch Wiring Adapater, in a Frigidaire / Kenmore Front Loading WasherNow, if Allah has not grinned down upon you and it turns out you have the older style DSA for this machine, well, let’s just say that there ain’t no virgins waiting for yo azz in Paradise, if’n you get m’drift, Slick. Nawsir, you’re in for a bit of Weeping and Gnashing of Teeth (WAGOT). You’ll have a bunch of wire chasing to do and chances are you’ll screw it up the first five tries. The DSA kit comes with instructions but, of course, they suck. The anatomy layout picture shown here will hepya but, dayyam, I’m glad I ain’t you. Been there, done that.

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