GE Profile Arctica: No Water from the Door Water Dispenser

Start with the simple stuff first (and, in this case, the easiest): the water supply tube that runs inside the door. This has been a common problem with these units. So, how do you check a water tube that’s inside the door? Well, you don’t. Just follow this sage advice from the talented and lovely Sublime Master of Appliantology Pegi:

Most likely the water line is frozen inside of the door…can turn up the temp in the freezer to see if it thaws in a couple of days, turn on the disp light and leave it on, will thaw the line and keep it thawed, can order and install a heater kit to thaw the line and keep it thawed, or you can replace the whole door if this line is in fact frozen….or the water tank is frozen in the food side, or the fill valve went bad on the water thru the door side…switch went bad in the dispensor for the water side,…..lots of reasons….my bet is on a frozen water line…

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