GE Arctica Refrigerator Gets Really Hot During Defrost

Every now and then, I get a complaint about a GE Arctica refrigerator that warms way up, I mean like 65℉ or more, during the defrost cycle. During these thermally exciting episodes, it’s common to see one of the defrost heaters glowing bright red to pink. And it really shortens the life of delicate perishables stored in the freezer, like meat or fish.

The field-proven solution is to replace the evaporator thermistor in the freezer behind the wall on top right of evaporator and the Mutha Board mounted on the backside of the refrigerator in its own compartment. You can get the parts by clicking on the pictures below:

ge arctica refrigerator evaporator thermistorEvaporator thermistor for a GE Arctica refrigerartor. Click it to git it, Hoss.

ge arctica refrigerator mutha boardMutha board for a GE Arctica refrigerator. Click it to git it, Hoss.

To learn more about your refrigerator, or to order parts, click here.


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