GE XL44 Range ERC Diagnostic Tests

Lots of these old GE XL44 model family of ranges out there in use today. At some point, you’ll need to run diagnostic tests on the old girl. Could be an error code in the display, incessant beeping, or it just ain’t working right for some reason. In any case, putting the ERC (electronic range control– the digital display and the circuit board connected to it) into diagnostic mode is a good initial troubleshooting step because it’s easy as pie and you can check important stuff like:

  • bake circuit
  • broil circuit
  • sensor
  • keypad
  • door lock motor

Let this sacred scroll from the Appliantology scriptures be your faithful guide and guardian during your XL44 contemplations. And, as a bonus, it includes information on how to get to the door lock motor– another common troublemaker in this range.

Xl44 ERC Diagnostic Test

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