Diagnosing a No-Spin Problem on a Maytag Performa or Atlantis Top-Loading Washing Machine

So, you have a Maytag Performa or Atlantis washer that agitates the clothes fine, but just won’t spin. Ahh, Grasshoppah, strap yourself in and prepare to receive Total Appliance Enlightenment®.

First step in diagnosing this problem is to… oh, nevermind– I’ll just let Sublime Master Trying to Help explain:

Make sure belt is fine as well as pump spinning free and motor pivoting on it’s plate freely. After that, raise top like you are going to remove the tub cover and set unit into spin. With the motor running, and the tub just sitting there not spinning reach in and see if you can rotate the inner basket almost like a roulette wheel. If you can, that means your brake is released and your belt, motor, pump, brake and bearings are all fine, your trans is shot. If you can not, that means your brake is still holding or you have an article of clothing stuck between the tubs. If the brake is holding, you will just need a thrust bearing kit which is listed below.


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