Samurai on Facebook

facebook-125x46.jpgSo, as a result of a chronic deficiency of vitamin C in my diet, I broke down and joined the Facebook craze. After binging on bean juice all night, I created this Facebook page.

If you become a fan, here are some of the cool features you’ll find:

  • Keep up with the Samurai’s every move!
  • Get the latest posts at right there on Facebook.
  • Show off your impeccable taste in websites to all your Facebook friends by becoming a fan of the Samurai on Facebook page– it’s hip, it’s happenin’, it’s the new black!

Special Offer: For a limited time only[1], I’ve waived the entrance fee to become a fan of our Facebook page– an $800 value! But you can become a fan today absolutely FREE! Folks, that is not a typo– I’m giving away the store. I’m nuts, I tell ya’, I’m freakin’ outta control. Sometimes, when I’m really feeling crazy, I’ll drive without buckling my seatbelt. No chit, Mon! I’m a mad man, I tell ya, a mad man!

Become a fan today and get a special blessing from the Samurai. All your other friends are doing it. And best of all, it’s FREE!

[1] Offer expires April 6, 2042. Time flies when you’re having fun with the Samurai so hurry and join today!


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