Appliance Repair Tweets for Week Ending 2009-05-02

  1. Ahh, the golden age of appliances. *sigh*
  2. … and the double-deckin-bad Samurai rock show tour bus. Call now to reserve your tickets: 603-526-7129.
  3. The supah-bad Samurai fixit van. Look for it around your neighborhood.
  4. Rough day at the Samurai office. TGIF!
  5. The pic you’ve been waiting for… the trick to removing the spray arm from a GE Nautilus dishwasher.
  6. Troubles with TwitterMail. Cool idea, flawed execution. Flawed user? Pishaw!
  7. Frankenflu #NameThatFlu
  8. 20 y.o. GE dishwasher, still runs but throws a BLOCKED WASH ARM code about a minute into the cycle. Spray arm sensor:
  9. Service calls today. All refrigerators! ‘Tis the season.
  10. Appliantology: The Oracle of Appliance Repair, April 2009. Come git you some!
  11. Fedders EnergyStar Window Air Conditioner – (via @mhfeder). New window shakers for a new cooling season.
  12. These Are Not Your Grandmother’s Eco-Appliances | My Bad Pad (via @mhfeder). The bleeding edge of small appliances.
  13. Home that uses appliance & body heat to heat/cool your home! (via @mhfeder). This is pretty cool (or hot)!
  14. Does Your Appliance Servicer Have the Skills Needed to Repair Your Appliances?
  15. @TerriH70 We loved the MN state fair when we lived in Excelsior, 16 yrs ago. Cheese curds! Your blog is coming along nicely, keep it up!
  16. Freebie of the Day: Service manual for Maytag, Jenn-Air, Magic Chef side-by-side refrigerators…
  17. Duet washer:
    Problem- control is locked.
    Solution- all the way to the right of panel, push & hold “end of cycle” for 3 seconds.
  18. Magic Chef gas range:
    Two burners spark, two do not.
    Replace spark module.…
  19. Using glue on copper water pipe connections on a bathroom sink. First time using copper glue. Weird!:
  20. Older refrigerators with mechanical defrost timers– two types of timers were used: accumulated and continuous. Which?
  21. Read Dr. Mercola’s take on the frankenflu scam, er, I mean, scare:
  22. Tales from the Buttcrack, Episode No. 1,897: Defective Customers
  23. Broken Dryer? Fuggetaboutit and get high (& dry)!
  24. Facebook: the FEMA camp of the Internet. (via @Zenzoidman). Dude, you harshed my buzz!
  25. – Kitty Wuvs Flowers!
  26. Let’s hear it for fixing things yourself! (via @mrssamurai)
  27. Great tips for repairing the augur assembly in a GE refrigerator icemaker dispenser:…
  28. Loose electrical connections on a dryer power terminal can melt the power
    cord right off. This…
  29. Audit the FED! Call your congress critter to support HR 1207. Sign the petition here:
  30. And now, back by popular demand, the omniscient (and she knows it) Appliance Age Oracle!…
  31. You have a broken appliance. How do you decide whether to repair it or replace it? Some thoughts here:
  32. @jdsok An omission I shall remedy… sometime. Meanwhile, assume trash compactor has a similar half life as a dryer.
  33. @jdsok
    If you’re going to fix it yourself, yea verily. If not, depends on age,
    half-life. Got an article on that, search my site to find.
  34. Fix it yourself and save big $$$! The Samurai School of Appliantology is now accepting new Apprentices: http://apprentice.appliance…
  35. Freebie of the Day: Service manual for the LG DLE7177 electric dryer:
  36. Asko dryer starts, runs briefly, then stops– the fuse holders have been a problem in these dryers:


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