Gluing Copper Water Pipes Together: A Photo Odyssey

(You can click the photos for a larger view. Or not. Whatever.)

The Battlefield
Lo! The battle doth beckon!

The Threaded Part of the Shutoff Valve
It’s kinda like porno. Not that I’d know anything about that. Por-who?

Water Supply Pipe with the Brazed-on Cap
I have to cut that cap off so I can make the connection with the hand shut off valve using the pipe glue. Uhhh… forgot whether or not I shut off the water before I cut that cap off. Well, I reckon we’ll find out.

Hi. Welcome to my world.

Valve Glued onto Water Pipe
Holy guacamole, Batman, it works! Connection made and water pressure turned back on. No torch, just this glue holding the water valve to the copper pipe. Sheer and uttah, uttah madness!

Both Valved Glued On
An art shot. Go "ooh! ahh!" or something.

All Connections Under the Sink Taped and Made
You’ll probably need to take apart and tape all the connections right under the sink. If’n you need to, you’ll know as soon as you restore water pressure.

Crank it Tight or It'll Leak!
Dayyam! I should be a water valve photographer…. or something!

It is Finished
The bathroom sink installation: plumbing. Fini.


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